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There are numerous businesses opening up by the year in the US. As estimated by the Small Business Association, out of these 627,000 new businesses, only about 51% will be able to last for the next five years. In order to compete for a spot among the 51%, companies must think outside the box in pursuit of finding stability. A tried and tested theory of many entrepreneurs states that producing good sales through potential leads is the root of a successful business.

This agenda, although useful, requires a lot of tactical business moves, especially for new businesses. These techniques can be tricky and must be thoughtout. One way of getting to that point is by becoming more aware of the tools that can help you. The most important tool being signage. We at Cypress Sign Company are an acknowledged signage provider that have a core team of professionals. Since we have been working for a substantial amount of time, we have gathered enough experience to deliver the finest. We also have an enormous selection of signage that gives you all the options in one place.





If you are wondering how you create a statement after opening your new business, we have just the thing. Promotional signs are the perfect way to give your business a boost. There are several types of promotional signs like vinyl banners, flag signs, window stickers, yard signs, pull-up signs or even LED message boards. Each type of sign creates a different style yet serves the same purpose, which is to attract customers. Cypress Sign Company has them all in store for you so you don’t have to look any further. The reason vinyl has grown popular among promotional signs is mainly due to it being cost-efficient. Many new businesses don’t want to waste large sums of money on temporary or even permanent signs more so because they might not have the budget for it. Vinyl also has the quickest production rate, high durability and versatility.

Flag Signs are also a great way to give customers an incentive to visit and purchase from your store. These signs can be used creatively to give a pop of colour to your business environment. There are different designs that you can select and get them printed in a variety of different shapes for your flag signs. Some of the shapes include feathers, teardrops or simply straight. These signs will be sure to catch the attention of anyone walking past them. Why have dull windows when you can personalize them yourself? Window and glass decals are cheaper alternatives to switch an ordinary window into anything to represent your business. You can use catchy one-liners, puns and much more to attract consumers. The best part is, that these are super easy to install, replace and even remove. This ability makes them super convenient for temporary announcements such as sales in stores or a grand opening.



When looking for a sign for outdoor areas, the first thing to consider is its durability. These specific signs need to be more permanent and long-lasting to withstand harsh conditions. Cypress Sign Company gives you the best signs for this purpose. Whether it is pole signs, fascia signs, channel letters, monument signs, building signs or even backlit sign boxes. There will always be a list of choices that you can pick from our huge collection. These also reflect significantly well on your business. The way we increase the durability of these signs is through different materials and high-pressure lamination. We at Cypress Sign Company offer standard signage using materials like wood, brick and even concrete. To achieve a more classic vintage style, we can use the monument signs. Moreover, for a sleek and chic look, we can always resort to the channel letters made with metal or hard plastic.

The possibilities of designs are not compromised just because they are exterior signs. Cypress Sign Company has the trendiest signage that is up to date with the tech-savvy generation. We have the perfect electronic and digital designs. This type of signage is ideal for exterior placement. They can glow even at night, making them the boldest of them all. These electronic signs are exuberant and dramatic. You can even customize these signs to say exactly what you want, such as short one-liners are highly attractive for these types of signs. That’s not all! There is plenty you can do to make these signs striking through photos and videos. These are the signs you can personalize the most.



The experience of Cypress Sign Company specialists is unparalleled. We have been working in this field, providing high-quality signage in the US since the beginning. We also take pride in the fact that we do more than just the bare minimum of printing your signs for you. Cypress Sign Company is one of the top competitors for signage throughout the United States. We have a wide range of facilities that could interest you if you are looking to boost your business through signage. We also have a free consultation policy that you can take advantage of any time. Our job is to prove our work through complete planning, design, printing, fabrication and installation. However, we don’t just stop there; we even do maintenance and repairing for these signs. The team here at Cypress Sign Company has worked with many to earn its name and is thrilled to serve many more local businesses to date.





Get Started on your sign today with our four-step hassle-free process As a leading Cypress Sign Company, Cypress Sign Company rates your experience and satisfaction above everything. This is why we have crafted a four-step process to ensure that you are satisfied at every stage. We understand the value a high-quality sign can bring to your business, so we have made the process very easy for you, requiring very little effort on your part.




We recognize your needs as a business in the cut throat competition to keep it running. It can be difficult to find different things to create hype about your products. Cypress Sign Company provides you with all kinds of signage you will ever need. These signs will be sure to attract more customers and make them potential leads. This also allows you to speak on behalf of your brand and represent it more vividly to all your clients. You may even be able to grab more people’s interest if they see a message behind your brand. If signage is something you find will help your business, why wait? Cypress Sign Company is just the place to get started. All you have to do is contact us, and our team will walk you through the entire process step by step. We will offer you all the guidance you need to attain the most eye-catching signs in no time.